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The C.E.R. , Centro Edilizia Roma, has been working for some time and with proven professionalism in the distribution of building materials.

The company is specialized in the sale of fencing nets and other wire rod derivatives, supplied by Pasini srl qualified in Italy for this specific sector.

To provide a broad and comprehensive service to a large clientele, three deposits are active:

- Vetroasfalto for waterproofing sheaths;

- Icobit Italia for additives for sheaths;

- ITS Sistemi Norma Controtelai for retractable doors.

The C.E.R. in any case, it contemplates a wide range of articles capable of satisfying any requirement for the supply to the warehouses of building materials, to the hardware as well as to the agricultural ones.

The sales office staff is ready to respond to all requests and provide quotes in a detailed and fast way.

  • Products of the highest quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money back guarantee for defective products

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C.E.R. srl

Via Bernardino Alimena, 40 - 00173 Roma